Another Aussie in LA
Join Ansuya Nathan as she navigates the city of Angels, chatting to some of the shiniest Aussies in L.A., sharing their tales of living, working and playing on this side of the globe.

Actress Viva Bianca (SPARTACUS) is feeling at home in LA. Starting out on a high of five star hotels and red carpets, she then had to come to terms with the realities of living and working here. With much candour she shares what it was like to play villainess Ilithyia, the pitfalls of being on a show with the reputation of being oh-so very sexualised, google search results and how to state what you will and won’t do. We also discuss her fabulous website She Ra, working with people you’ve watched since a kid and gender equality in the film industry. So yeah, just the small stuff! 

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