Another Aussie in LA
Join Ansuya Nathan as she navigates the city of Angels, chatting to some of the shiniest Aussies in L.A., sharing their tales of living, working and playing on this side of the globe.

Comedian Sam Simmons isn't mad for LA but it seems to be keen on his comedy. We chat about the being a professional idiot, Los Angeles as the scene for the apocalypse, how ACE the Australian film Animal Kingdom is, the death of whimsical comedy, where he gets his inspiration and unwittingly molesting John Snow on stage for the sake of laughs. Yeah, that ACTUALLY happened. 

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Meet Brett Tucker - as if you didn't know him already! Sheesh! Star of McLeods' Daughters, Neighbours and Mistresses. Brett and I chat about indulging your rock star fantasies, giving things a lukewarm go, long time flirting with Los Angeles and how scary a place the internet can be. Brett's Hollywood tales illustrate that everything has its' time. Just don't put off listening to this podcast! 

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It's Monty Franklin!! WOO HOO!  No more toe dipping, Monty is getting amongst it and making his mark on the Los Angeles comedy scene. We discuss the advantages of playing the dumb Aussie card, inadvertent racism, good gossip and revenge as the ulitmate motivation. Monty's career is proof that doing good work consistently and being a good human is all it takes. Pocket watches will never be the same again!!! 

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